• About ESCPL

    Escalate Consultancy is a private limited company founded in India by a enterprenuer under the leadership and guidance of highly reputed handpicked international venture capitalist,international award winning team of engineers, international business consultants , certified public accountant,practicing attorney who is a retierd supervising Deputy Attorney General of California and retiered member of parliament of India.

  • Our Theory

    Escalate consultancy after many years of experience has developed a organic,scientific customised theory of approacing, undersatnding your presise requirements and concerns to deliver the accurate results in a very cost effective manner is what sets our firm worlds apart from our so called competiotors.The majority of specialised consultants working under Escalate consultancy have over 20 years of industry experience in sucessfully resolving the most complex issues or problems with long term consistent sustainablity.

  • Our Process

    We at Escalate consultancy have been consistently providing the highest level of statisfactions to all out clients and customers that our firm retains to ensure that our firm earns your trust to have you as our valued client for a long term.To provide such high level of service satisfaction for all new prospective clients we provide free initial consultation after the completion our patent pending intake form which is designed to help us better understand your short term and long term requirements.Our firm has very high ethical standards and provide complimentary analysys before we retain prospective clients.

  • Our Commitment

    The aim Escalate consultancy is to presisely indentify all your known as well as hidden requirements which need to be addressed to achieve your goals.We are committed towards assisting you in finding a long term sustainable organic solutions without any cost over runs.Our firm does a conflict check to ensure that we have no conflict on interest before retaining new prospective clients,this also ensures the highest level of privacy is maintained for our prospective clients.

  • Our Guarantee

    All our services are backed by a full service garantee to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We treat all our clients with the highest level of priority.Our team members have years of experience in consistently providing the results you require in a very short timelines.We are a highly inegrated team that guide to your goals easier and faster while avoiding all obsicles.